In response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, Soul Food Cypher made the responsible decision to suspend all in person cyphers and transition all programming online. Working with Host and Operations lead, Mike Sick, we looked under the hood of the ZOOM Webinar and standardized settings for host and users for the best experience possible. Taking it a step further, we added on screen prompts using OBS to add an additional layer of interactivity. Streamed live on Facebook, we featured live producer and DJs spinning instrumentals for emcees around the world to rap to in real time. Additionally, we worked to Optimize ZOOM to reduce latency lag and make a cypher experience as close to In Real Life (IRL) as possible. ​​​​​​​
By transitioning online, we were not only able to retain membership, but grow to include emcees in Canada, Kenya, and Peru in our cypher, making our cypher a truly global organization. Additionally, we grew our audience and continued providing important conversations for our community to listen and add to.

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