I’m an Atlanta-based Cultural Producer who designs and activates immersive experiences and content - virtually and physically. With a strong foundation in visual and oral storytelling, I work in the mediums of documentary film, photography, live events, and freestyle cyphers. My aim in all projects is to educate, challenge, heal, and amplify black voices and other marginalized populations.
My story begins in a small Record Store, in a section somewhere between Jazz and Salsa, where my parents first meet one another. Randomly, I often wonder what song was playing in the background when they meet. Regardless, their meeting in this record store was serendipitous because so much of my life’s work, passion, and purpose is centered around music and culture.  
In 2012, this passion led me to bring four friends together to create Soul Food Cypher (SFC) - a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, that utilizes freestyle rap and lyricism to transform individuals and communities.
As Director and Executive Producer of SFC, I have successfully led this revolutionary organization to execute more than 350 Public Art events, 300 Workshops, 100 performances nation-wide. The highest honor of my work has been developing the potential in young black artists, providing them employment opportunities working in schools, and using Freestyle (improvised) rap as a medium to display their ingenuity, brilliance, and gifts to transform the narratives weaponized against them.
Ultimately, my work has helped change the rap on rap and help children build confidence and vocabulary through culturally relevant means.
In this role, I’ve worked with internal and external teams to produce interviews, social video, artist profiles, and other multi-media assets. Clients and partners include Sprite, MailChimp, Annex Atlanta (Havas), The Boys and Girls Club of America, National Black Arts Festival, The City Of Atlanta, Emory University, and many more.
Central to my work is an understanding that our beliefs shape our lives, perspectives, and decisions. Furthermore, our believes shape how we view others and ultimately ourselves. I want to use my talents to elevate the stories of our generation that breed empathy, understanding, and respect. Elevating into the legends of tomorrow through effective production and story telling.  
After receiving my degree, I sharpened my eye and cut my teeth as Photojournalist working for newspapers in the South East including the Tallahassee Democrat, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and The Palm Beach Post. I credit this experience with teaching me lighting, how to quickly tell a story, and work on very tight deadlines and stressful situations. It’s made me the lean and resourceful producer I am today.
I continue shooting events and special assignments to this day and my Clients include Georgia State University, the Center for Civic Innovation, and the Piedmont School. I also pay it forward as an instructor at the Atlanta School of Photography, where I teach Photo 1, Photo 2, Event Photography, and The Business of Photography courses.
I enjoy working in creative environments that produce with purpose and aim for outcomes that allow all to create stories future generations can be proud of.
Thank you!
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